COVID-19 AND 10047

March 16, 2020


After due consideration and following recommendations from the CDC and all Nevada State government agencies, the Officers and Home Committee of VFW Memorial Post 10047 have canceled all social functions, private events, and business operations at our building in an effort to minimize the possibility of exposing our members and guests to the COVID-19 virus.

Our Home Committee attempted to recommend social distancing by advising bartenders and patrons to not utilize the bar and since this was not adhered to for even one full day, we have decided that half measures are not adequate.

Effective immediately, all Post functions in the Canteen have been canceled for the remainder of this month (March 2020). 

Our Post Meeting, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th is canceled.  We will not be rescheduling this meeting until, at the very least, schools and casinos have reopened.  We are awaiting Standing Orders on how to adapt our elections to this pandemic and will share this information as soon as we get it in.

The average age of the membership is 70+ years. This closure was done out of an abundance of caution to protect our membership, guest and their families as many of them are at high risk for severe illness from the COVID-19 virus due to age and underlying chronic medical conditions.  VFW 10047 will continue to be pro-active in order to mitigate community spread of this pandemic.

We will continue to monitor the recommendations from our Health District based on the conditions of this pandemic in our community.  On March 31, 2020, we will make a decision as to our plan for April and going forward.

We will be changing our operations in the following ways:

  •  We will be shutting down the Canteen indefinitely.  We are looking at when the Casinos, Schools and Senior Centers will be reopening to inform our decision on when to reopen our canteen.

  • We will be focusing on working to provide our senior community with access to food with Three Square. Will be doing boxed lunch grab and go on Thursday during regular meal time (5 pm - 8 pm). They will be giving out a box of food and a bag of produce. We will be inviting folks to pull up with their cars for drops

  • Every Thursday at 11 am there will also be food pickup for Seniors at Lowman/Manch Elementary School at 4225 N. Lamont Street.

  • If you can not make it to either of these pickups we will be organizing food drop-offs with Three Square.  Please email the Commander at DevilDogAngie@gmail.comwith any drop off requests.

  • We are looking for 20 volunteers to help with both of these efforts.  Please contact the Commander at if you can volunteer.

  • We will be calling all previous Three Square Meal Participants from the last 90 days to assess needs.

  • SHARE Village (formerly known as Veterans Village) will be assisting ALL veterans in this time of need.  Please click here for information.

  • While we are in self-quarantine, the Post Officers and Home Committee Members will be splitting up our MemRoster and calling each member of our post to check on everyone and to see what we can do to help in this time of crisis.  We will be asking everyone for updated email addresses and other questions to help us facilitate assistance to our members.

  • March 26th - March 28th the hall will be partially open to facilitate Easter Basket pick up.  We are asking for people picking up their baskets (which have already been 100% claimed) to stay in their car and we will have volunteers take them out for you. 

Concerns that have been researched and deliberated on:

  •  How the shut down will affect gaming. Our Gaming company will prorate March’s rent. Need to reopen by end of July to retain gaming

  • The VFW 10047 Service Officer as of tonight will be seeing veterans in the back hall of the post while taking precautions to protect both herself and the veterans she is seeing.  You will be able to reach her at 702-643-6698 if you need to get in contact with her.

  • We will be retaining the Canteen Manager to help facilitate opening the doors and forwarded calls for the Canteen and compensating her with half her pay to keep her on call to help coordinate these efforts.

  • We will be contacting all Hall Rental clients and refund their money for any events which were booked for at least the next three weeks.

  • All cash from the Canteen and the QM office will be deposited in our bank account as of Tuesday morning, March 17th, 2020, to remove the threat of theft.

  • We have informed Las Vegas Police Department of our shut down to help assist with additional drivebys.

We encourage everyone to follow the advice and directions of our Health District and Nevada State Department of Health to minimize the spread of this virus and protect yourselves and family.

With The Kindest Regards,


Angie Morelli

Commander of Post 10047